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Tack Down Tuesday's Series, On-Going

Starting back in May 2010 To challenged myself to create a piece of artwork every Monday afternoon and launch it to my email list on Tuesday mornings. I decided to try this out for three months. Well, you know what happens when you keep something up for longer then three weeks; a habit if formed, a mighty challenging one at times. After the three months I decided to extend it a year and see where it would take me. I realized I had enough images to make a simple calendar, which was a big hit to my collectors. My thoughts are gathered and my response is creativity, like visual journal entries. The Tack Down Tuesday's took on a life of their own. I received comments, that they couldn't wait to see what next Tuesday would bring to their email box. As of August 2017 I stopped the weekly process and now created a book with a few of my favorites. If interested in viewing and purchasing this book Here

Women and Nature Series

10 x 30 Clayboard panels with cradle sides. After working with the Faceless People series I decided to add color instead of staying in the gray and my inspiration I receive when walking in the woods begain this series of Women and Nature. Staying with a vertical format which is allows me to work from a different perspective.Prints available, 10 x 30 size

All Artwork © Laura Lein-Svencner 2018