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Laura Lein-Svencner was raised in Downers Grove IL not far from her grandfather's farm and resides now Darien Illinois for the past 30 years. She's continued with her personal studies in drawing, printmaking, sculpture/assemblage, papermaking and collage. Seeking inspiration from one artist to another, Laura has pursued her love of paper; this steady pace of exploration has led her to become a member of many local and international collage groups. She also co-founded the Midwest Collage Society which exhibits throughout the Midwest region. Her works has won many awards and most recently the 27th Annual Juried Exhibit with the National Collage Society. Her work has been published in Watercolor Artist Magazine 2009, Creating Collage in all Dimensions 2010, Flavors for Mixed Media 2011, Painting in Mixed Media 2012. This Fall 2013, Laura's work can be seen in Incite, Dreams Realized and Mixed Media Artist, from North Light Books. Gallery presentation Woodwalk Gallery Egg Harbor WI. Currently Laura teaches her techniques of collage at Naperville Art League and at Mayslake Peabody Estate. During the summer months you will find her creating in her studio, gardening and walking in the woods with her dogs but when she's not doing that you will see her exhibiting at local art fairs and teaching collage workshops throughout the Midwest.

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Somerset Studio Jan/Feb 2016 Artist Profile

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Cloth Paper Scissor July/August 2014 Article

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Artist Process statement

Creativity is a response
Captured in the slightest moment
Found paper repurposed
Providing inspiration
Compositional studies in a sketchbook
Stand the test of time through circles of earthly mystery
Torn and cut edges deam the entrance of visual fragments
Painting and drawing tools connect on the surface
Commitment and passion fused with heat, willing secure the uncertainties
Exploring, evolving, experimenting
Reacting to it all.

Artist Statement

Beginning with paper, some handmade from the plants in my back yard to the found papers in recycling bin, I sand, alter and manipulate the surfaces. Textures are formed by adding gesso, molding pastes and acrylics. My collage works are in a constant state of flux with each papermaking session. Exposed and always revealing I'm at the mercy of the raw torn papers edge. Visual and physical entries grow from the self-discovery, new compositions stem from the need to take a risk and explore. I am passionately stimulated by the natural flow of chaos that each piece starts with allowing me the opportunity to pretend to solve the mystery that presents itself to be explored.

Class and Workshop Comments and Reviews

An email letter received 10/30/2018 Reads... Commente: Dear Laura, I just discovered your videos on collage layering. I am a 70 year old woman, cancer survivor and have suffered from anxiety and mild depression for a long time. I care for my 93 year old mother with dementia. That in itself is stressful. I work part-time and play tennis and ride my bike for exercise. I tell you this because sports have been a fun release for stress. I've tried meditation but didn't stick with it. Found it a bit boring. My mother dabbled in water color when she was younger. I tried to encourage her to take a senior art class at our local community college, she went to one class, but at her age it was just too much for her. In researching the classes offered I noticed a mixed media class so I decided I would take it. It has changed my life. Sounds dramatic but it has replaced all the worry and anxiety with a new perspective on my visual world. I find myself pleasantly distracted by everything around me. Finding leaves for the gelii plate I just learned to use. Taking pictures of texture everywhere that I might use in a collage. I can't afford to take expensive classes or buy expensive art materials so finding your videos online has been a godsend. I've been creating sheets of paper to use in collage. That in itself has been really fun. Making stamps from styro-foam packaging,and sticky foam sheets. But, putting a collage together, layering etc. is where I need the most guidance. I didn't know how to start. The woman that teaches the class I'm taking is very nice but she doesn't explain things in an orderly way. I've looked at some videos on line that were interesting but needed something that was step-by-step. Your videos on collage layering are exactly what I need. I want to thank you for sharing your expertise. And doing it for free. You have contributed to creating a much richer and happier life for me. I'm excited to get up every morning, thinking about what I might create. Mixed media for me is truly therapeutic. For me it's a medium which helps keep my internal critic at bay. If I create a sheet of paper that's a bit goofy, I know I can tear it up and use it in a collage piece. I love your work. You are an amazing artist. I love that you explain everything so well. I appreciate the explanation of the materials you use and the detail of your descriptions in your pieces. The shading, the use of white, blocking, everything. All things new to me that I can't wait to try. Your voice is also especially calming and encouraging to me. I'm sot sure what more I can say except thank you. It means so much to me that I can access your videos, that I needed to let you know. Most sincerely, Kathy S

The thoughtfulness of instruction, the positive energy of the instructor, great workspace, you can even bring your dogs to Dillman's Deanna Persson

We were so informed, I learned so much, really this was the best class I have even taken. Loved the folder with step by step instructions, though a nap during the day would be nice. "Bette Reko"

Information was very thorough and easy to understand, learned lots. I have lots of materails to get more work done! Pam Jewel

Instruction was very clear, I took notes and your handout is very easy to follow also I appreciate that there was time for individual help too. Generous with ideas informal and fun, at the same time professional. "Mona Kahney"

Laura is talented and generous instructor, she creates a safe environment, excellent instruciton and so much inspiriation, the best workshop!! -Anonymous

As a designer, I have a lot to learn- and I learned a lot! Thank you for beign so generous with your supplies and knowledge. and for sharing your wonderful passion and energy. -Anonymous

Execellent and exhausting, 2 days next year, beautiful setting and great lunch, The Clearing, Door County, -Anonymous

The instructor was well organized, well prepared, kind and very informative. Sharon Z.

Laura is flexible, encouraging, share knowledge and experience, presents a marvelous workshop. Joan K.

Laura is amazing instructor she tells, shows and recaps perfectly. Holly S.

Laura is by far the best instructor, patient, helpful, throughly knowledgable and better prepared then any instructor I've encountered. Ginger S.

Thank you for generously sharing you art. I absolutely love it. Susan B.

I was so timid and scared to begin, but Laura is such a good teacher that I gained confidence as we went along. Sally

Lots crammed into 2 days and it worked because Laura was organized, and obvisouly would have liked more time..."Another Day" Lorrie A.

I really enjoyed learning the process it was much more involved than I expected.

Absolutely Wonderful!

Outstanding! Laura is some methodical and informative-what a fabulous teacher.

The workshop was fantastic! Our teacher was excellent! Not eveyrone who does art can teach but Laura is able to do both. She was able to get us plenty of time and give us indiviual time too! Would take another workshop with her.

Autumn Art Workshop, Aurora Nebraska 2018

Great workshop packed with wonderful techniques along with stong teaching design. Laura creats a safe enviornment where creativity is nurtured, educted and encournaged to experiement and play. Susan L.

Keep up the great work! I will highly recommend you for other workshops! Many thanks. Stephanie H.

We all enjoyed you dedicated instruction and support. You went above and beyond time wise which I loved. Giving us homework was also appreciated because tit allowed us to learn and grow even more. Watching you demonstrations of creating and adding details was so helpful to beginners. Becky B.

Laura is giving of her wisdom and knowledge. The use of the circle each morning helped to create a very safe place in which to be. Thank you, Liz B.

Loved Laura's class! She is so down to earth and easy to approach with questions. Gave good feed back and assistance. Ver generous with supplies and information abotu techniques! She created a loving, safe place that made all feel welcome and creative. Must experience for yourself. Kristin P.

I enjoyed the morning circle of sharing. Sometimes we don't get to know each other in class becaue we are too busy trying to create something, and as most artists we work alone so much in our studios, this gave us a chance to develope new friendships and connectwith others. Jean C.

Lots of information, one of the most enjoyable workshops I have ever taken in a long time. Karen T.

Looking for more information on composition and color, Interested in following you online. Ardy S.

Very intense and engauging workshop. I learned so many teahniques and reinforced other art principles. Thank you, Susan H.

Laura is a treasure! Patient tireless in her presentation and showing us, sharing with us, all her techniques and knowledge of collage. I have learned more than I ever dreamed of. Wonderful Workshop, and retreat. Heidi L.

Thank you for a great quality expereience and I so enjoyed being surrounded by artists and kind open minded loving artists. Lynette F.

Ephemera Paducah KY, August 2018

Carol was happy with the facilities and felt it met all her needs. Felt the instructor was well prepared and thought that a longer workshop might possible be good. Personal comment, I was delighted with the workshop, Laura is an excellent Teacher and very thorough.

Peg was also happy with the facilities and instructor well prepared, no improvement and enough instruction. Could see doing the workshops for several days. Personal Comment, Laura is so well prepared and always available for questions and help at all stages.

Diana, agree with what everyone else shared, Says the facilities meets all her needs, Very much so. Three days is good. Personal comment, I would take this class again, esp. if you came to Michigan. Ann Arbor area.

Sherri agrees with the facility meeting all her needs, and see no room for improvement, interested in along time for the workshop. Personal Comment, This was great experience that I will take many things with me to continue to experiment with, wish it could have been longer.

Valerie Felt the workshop space had met all her needs, good explanation of process and great instruction.

Francesca agreed the facility had met all her needs, Instructor was well prepared, enough instruction, No improvements, possibly longer workshop. Personal Comment, I felt Laura presented one of the most interesting and informative workshops I've attended in a very long time. She is a delight as an instructor and she share everything.

LaGrange Art League 2018

This was my introduction to collage. I learned so much about collage and design. Very Challenging for me, but I'm sure I'll be back for more! Bernie R.

This was a awesome workshop! it was fast paced. We learned alot in a short time. We left with finished pieces. I was super fun and low pressure. Mary Beth L.

Three days are great, maybe 4 if I can do it, Clear Concise, Love the demo's Noreen L.

Thank you for breaking down a ver complex process. Susan B.

Thank you for your leadership. You led us on a transformtional journey and I achieved mush more than I thought possible. Sue K.

Thank you so much! I am exhausted and HAPPY!! Cindy M.

Most prepared and well-planned art instructor I have ever had. Mary R.

Dillman's 2016

Students will grow in what every style they use most and gain lots of experience in collage while expressing themselves. Karen S.

Laura is the most generous instructor, sharing her knowledge techniques, support, experiecne and feedback! You will learn so much and have ongoing help with the workbook you receive. Adele M.

The openness & organization & knowledge of the instructor. Mary Jo B.

Be prepared to work blind at at first....Julia S.

Be ready to work, exploe, play, have fun and enjoy trust the process. Nancy T.

Very good instructor, very organized, helpful-fun, Brenda W.

Be ready to learn and produce a lot, Nancy A.

Absolutely it was wonderful. One of the very best I've taken. Judy K.

Great experience for all levels, fun atmosphere adn great techniques, beautiful pieces. Jane S.

Handouts are beautiful. The best I've seen. Step by step it really helps for when we go home. Bette R.

Great teacher, light hearted spirit.

Great Class! I learned so much and I'm excited to start on my own. Annoymous

Arizona Workshop November 2015

Outstanding, organzied, New(to me) info, fun, well paced, Worth every penny!-Mabel D.

Laura gave very clear instructions and demonstrations. Enjoyher teaching style. She is very knowledgeable and generous instructor.-Ann

I would have liked a big demo on Monday, and start our big collage the same day, I find it's hard to remember what you did cuz it was the day before. I felt you were very generous to share all your many tricks, tips, tools and even product. You give a lot of information so well worth the price paid for the workshop and more. I'm glad you gave us alot to do-I learned so many techniques. You have an energetic demeanor and inspire us to work hard. You're very humble although highly skilled and talented. Nic to meet one of the "bigs" and your not stuck in your ego!! You're also very dear communitcator articulate very good at explaining. I also like the way you always give steps in the order to do them in.-Paula S.J

Laura, I'm so happy you agreed to travel to Tucson to share your gift with us. It's was the best and hardest (you really made us work) vacation I've ever had. Thank you so much. I sincerly hope to take another workshop with you.-Chris B.

Thank you Laura, I'm so grateful to have met you and seen you "in action". You are a fantastic Task Master! I will, cherish the "piece of Pie" art piece I purchased. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge. Peggy D.

Thanks for all of your generousity!-Carmen W.

I learned, and learned and learned! Thank you so much for your fresh ideas and friendly teaching style.

Thank you! Great Workshop-You are a generous and amazing instrutor!- Jo T.

Such a worthwhile workshop, Appreciate Laura's Williness to share all her ideas & tricks. -Joyce H.

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